Free help to reduce holiday and redundancy costs

Every employer has the opportunity to use furlough payments to reduce the costs of holidays and redundancies.  We can help you do this for free.  If you need to, read more here to understand more about savings on holiday payments during furlough. If you don’t, just read on.

Time is of the Essence

Act now.  As we get closer to end or reduction of furlough payments, the more the opportunities for savings through furlough will reduce.  In respect of longer serving employees, this is already happening.

Many employers should be looking to cost not only holidays but also potential redundancies, particularly since holidays can also be required to be taken during notice periods.

These calculations are not all straightforward.  They can be time consuming and opportunities for saving often missed.

Apart from the financial saving, however, you need peace of mind knowing, and your staff knowing, it has been done right.

We can do your calculations for free

For employers who contact us, we can help calculate

  • notice periods and pay
  • how much paid holiday can or should be required to be taken
  • redundancy payments

We can then tell you how much cash you can save your business and briefly explain how.  We won’t charge for this information but provide it for free, in part for reasons explained in this article.

Peace of mind for fixed fees

If you then instruct us, we will save you many more hours and days of time and worry.  We will do a lot more than save you cash.  We can:

  • draft letters and notices requiring holidays to be taken
  • draft redundancy consultation letters
  • draft redundancy dismissal letters
  • identify and help avoid potential Employment Tribunal claims
  • draft variations to or new contracts where necessary
  • avoid claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination when making redundancies.

We don’t sit on the fence

We have set out a short note about how we expect to help anyone deal with redundancies.  No one wants to have to take these decisions but clarity is key and delay is frequently the enemy.

Your next step

Just email or give us a call.  We can email you a simple form to provide some basic employee information.  When that is completed, after a short discussion and opportunity for you to ask questions, we can agree fees if you would like our help.  In the majority of cases, that can be a fixed fee and at a fraction of the time and cost you will be saving.

All information and enquiries received will, of course, be treated in strict confidence.

Interesting stuff to understand.