Discrimination and harassment

At Jackson Osborne we are proud to be specialists in dealing with discrimination and harassment complaints.  This is a notoriously complex areas of law and we use our expert knowledge and experience to fight for our client’s rights.

Fighting for you and your dignity

We hold records for obtaining the highest ever compensation award made by an Employment Tribunal in Wales at nearly £400,000 and one of the highest disability discrimination awards in UK history.

We’ve issued proceedings for an employee on a salary of just £17,000 and proceeded to negotiate a record pay out of £559,000 from the employer.

Those are a couple of the cases we’re able to crow about but it’s not just about money.  Its can be more about dignity and recognition.  There are many more, for example sex discrimination claims against City and high street banks, where acknowledgement  and apology were as important or our clients have not considered publicity to be in their interest but we have been able to negotiate higher payments to them in return for both parties agreeing confidentiality.  First and foremost, and without compromise, we strive for what our client wants and what is in their best interests and provide support to our clients in what can be emotional and distressing circumstances.

I would highly recommend you and your firm Stephen.  At a time when I could barely think for myself, you eased all my fears and anxiety, made it simple for me.  And what a result!  I can’t thank you enough.”
K Hollister, Director

Discrimination or harassment is unlawful when related to any of the following ‘protected characteristics’:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Pregnancy or maternity
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Gender reassignment

For the time being, we have chosen not to go into any detail on our website as to what discrimination or harassment involves from a legal perspective.  It is sufficient that usually, rather like an elephant, you know it when you see it.   Sometimes, it’s not so easy to identify.

The really difficult part comes in being able to prove it has occurred, overcoming the denials, explanations and technical legal defences of the discriminator.  That is where we excel.

If you think you may have suffered discrimination or harassment, and that is probably why you are reading this, then there’s a good chance you are correct.   Give us a call.

“….a true human touch rather than being taken as a client who will bring some revenue.  I can’t recommend Jackson Osborne enough.  A huge thank you!”
AS, Senior Executive, London (anonymity agreed in settlement)