Contracts and polices

We provide comprehensive and carefully drafted contracts and policies to protect businesses.  They have been tested in Court and they stand up.  That includes restrictive covenants.  Do not believe the myth that restrictive covenants are unenforceable.

You come to us to save your time as well as to avoid litigation.  So, telling you what’s right and wrong is only part of the job.  Another part is helping you with draft key letters, working out your script for meetings and generally ensuring effective communication.  That’s why we do a great deal of work on a day to day basis helping draft letters and announcements.

We help to persuade employees to recognise their responsibilities and to accept what might have been thought unpalatable.

“… attention to detail with clear, effective and persuasive drafting.  The expertise becomes obvious.”

Our objective is to help you persuade the employee, if necessary the employee’s adviser and, if it comes to it, the Judge.