Board and Shareholder disputes

Brilliant!  I received great advice and support throughout, always offered a balanced view and explained all possible scenarios and outcomes, both positive and negative in layman’s terms.  I was having to deal with being removed from a business in which I was a co-founder, director and shareholder and I honestly do not know how I would have fared without Jackson Osborne fighting for me.”
Doug Shields, company founder

When a Board is functioning efficiently the company tends to be doing well and directors and shareholders are happy.  When directors and shareholders fall out, however, the business can be at significant risk from the competing interests of the individuals.

We are experienced in dealing with these complex matters.  We look for the resolution that is required, usually one that is as swift and practical as possible.

Attitudes can often be quite entrenched, so we help you (and the other parties if necessary) to step back and view the situation calmly and realistically so you can assess the options available and, very often, discover options that you weren’t aware of.

We will work with your accountants and partner with corporate law specialists where, for example, restructuring of the company may be in your interests.

In the event that the opposition will not see sense and a resolution cannot be agreed, we are ready and prepared to fight your corner hard in whichever venue becomes the battleground.  Sometimes it is not just the Employment Tribunals or Courts, but both.