Disciplinary, grievance and investigations

We help take the stress out of dealing with disciplinary and grievance matters by giving you the support to make decisions with confidence.  Have a look at our case studies.

We help to save time and cost, and to drive matters to conclusion.  We help you draft key letters, work out your script for meetings and ensure effective communication.  We can also provide experienced HR personnel to conduct investigations or to handle disciplinary and grievance meetings where wanted.

We help you to manage employees, so that they recognise employer’s rights as well as theirs, and accept what might have been thought unpalatable.

We will look at any situation carefully to see what step can be taken to move things forward.  We can even help with independent investigation if circumstances demand it, but we are careful not to slow processes down unnecessarily.

More broadly, our objective is to help you deal fairly with any situation and to persuade the employee to accept that you have done so.  Always at the front of our mind is that:

Employers have Rights too!

Sometimes, an employee will not or cannot accept they are wrong.  That’s why we ensure communications are designed also to persuade the employee’s adviser and, if it comes to it, the Judge.