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We don’t like to sit on the fence.  It’s not comfortable for you either so we always aim to give you a clear steer.

You come to us to save your time as well as to avoid litigation.  So telling you what’s right and wrong is only half the job.  The other half is helping you with drafting letters, working out your script for meetings and generally ensuring effective communication.

…deliriously happy with your help….Your advice makes so much more sense and you are always readily available
Paul Dopton, The Plynlimon Trust

Our objective is to prove your case to the employee, if necessary their adviser and, if it comes to it, the Judge.

You are likely to be a manager or director or member of a human resource department.  Apart from writing contracts and policies, we do a great deal of work helping draft letters and announcements.  We help to persuade employees to recognise their responsibilities and to accept what might have been thought unpalatable.

“Very impressive and we couldn’t have wished for a better result”
A Morris, Morris’s of Usk

We enjoy getting it right, leaving a meeting or ending a telephone call with you of us both confident that you are better equipped as an employer.

Employment law doesn’t have to be that painful!  Give us a call to have a chat about issues facing you in your business.








You need to stand up for your rights. We’ll tell you what they are and stand up with you.

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