Our Charges

The first call is without any fee obligation.

“…. premiership advice without the premiership fees.”  T. Watola, Finance Director

We don’t want to waste your time or ours.  If in our initial discussion we can see your case is weak, or not worth enough to justify our fees, we’ll tell you.

“Very impressive and we couldn’t have wished for a better result”  Morris’s of Usk 

We try to be flexible with fees and can work in a number of ways.  For example:

  • fixed fees
  • hourly rates
  • no win / no fee
  • no win / lower fee
  • delayed payment / higher fee

We are up front about fees and will discuss this also in our first conversation with you.  Our charges are competitive and, for example when comparing our fees with larger commercial law firms have found our hourly rates typically to be approximately 35% to 50% less.

great advice with balance and consideration to the human side”  C . Bacchus, Director

We fix costs routinely for businesses through our monthly retainer service but this can also apply for advice or drafting on discrete issues and appropriate disputes.  Every case and every client is different, but regardless of whom we are acting for, we work on the basis that costs should be proportionate to objectives and anticipated outcomes.

“Your service at all times was first class.” P. Harrington

We won’t advertise misleading price indications to attract business.  Neither do we adopt a business model of stack’em high and sell’em cheap at fixed advertised cost, where the incentive is to do as little as possible and at least cost.  Fixed pricing might suit very large commercial organisations dealing in volume where matters can be pushed down to cheaper staff with lowest level of qualifications or experience.  It doesn’t suit a niche business providing high levels of service and expertise.

“..explained possible scenarios and outcomes, both positive and negative, in layman’s terms.  Brilliant!” D. Shields, business owner

We are obliged to provide some information as to costs of dealing with unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal cases.  You may find that here.

If you have a queries about our charges, you are encouraged to raise them at any time.   We are easy to talk to because we do listen.