Delayed costs of furlough

Laying off is not free.  We’ve done the sums no one else has.  The additional potential liabilities of further holidays, notice pay and redundancy pay accruing because of a 3 month delay will on average amount to about 1.5 to 2 months, or 12% to 17% of the annual staff wage roll, depending on age profile of the workforce.  They could be very much higher when the details in any one business are examined.  They may be very much less if only a limited number of redundancies are eventually made.  They will never be nothing.

If you want to know the cost to your business, get in touch.

Fixed fee  – Get it Done!

We have been proactive.  We have put resources into drafting documents that can be provided very quickly and that easy to read, understand and implement.  And while providing support to staff will be top of your agenda, there may be some individuals where you may be wondering if other action needs to be taken.  For that reason, and to help ensure you have confidence in dealing with your staff, we need to be able to speak to an expert directly, to ask questions and get answers.

More complicated problems are going to arise when the return to work starts, but for today let’s keep it simple:


  • Documents suitable for immediate or planned Lay Off of your employees, whether together or in stages
  • Up to 1 hour telephone advice, directly with Stephen Jackson, specialist employment solicitor and principal at Jackson Osborne, to consider any issues of particular concern or particular to your business
  • Fees waived for new subscribers to our Employment Support Retainer


  • Authorised discounted fees: £290 + VAT
  • Without discount: £450 + VAT
  • free to new subscribers to our monthly Employment Support Retainer

Call us, and we will help you:

  • save you money and improve cash flow
  • lay off staff now (or be prepared to do so when you think the time is right)
  • reduce or completely remove any prospect of future claims
  • understand the difference between ‘lay off’ and ‘furlough’
  • remove confusion and uncertainty for you and your employees
  • save you several hours if not days of time, worry and stress


Links to main government websites guidance for the job retention scheme guidance to employers and businesses about covid-19 support for businesses


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